Aren’t Laws Meant to Make Us Safer?

Traffic laws and criminal laws are in place to make the world we live in a safer place, but what happens when a law does the opposite? That is the question many of California’s residence are asking in relation to a new California law that allows the early release of prisoners.

According to lawmakers, the law would release nonviolent offenders prior to the end of their sentence without parole supervision. It was said that it would save the state as much as $1 billion. With a budget deeply in the red, the new law seemed like a win, win. However, according to a recent Associated Press report hundreds of inmates have been released who were considered violent offenders. Apparently, the law was not specific enough and did not provide good enough direction to state prisons and county jails. Now, lawmakers are taking a second look, but is it already too late? 1,944 convicts have already been released; how many of those are violent offenders who can now be a threat to you and your family?

As budgets get tighter and states look to areas to save money, I have to wonder if laws are being passed for the safety and good of the public or if they are being passed for the benefit of the bottom line. Get more information at… and… and decide for yourself.

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