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Accusations of violent crimes in your domestic relationships can not only stain your reputation, but they can also result in major legal challenges that threaten your freedom. In these challenging cases, you need a Redding domestic violence defense lawyer who can advocate for you. At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, we understand the gravity and sensitivity of these matters and are committed to providing unparalleled representation to Californians in need of defense.

If you find yourself entangled in charges of domestic violence or other related allegations, our responsive and highly adept domestic violence defense team can protect your rights. We can gather and analyze the available evidence to build a compelling defense strategy tailored to your case while ensuring your perspective is heard and considered throughout all legal proceedings. Reach out for a confidential, no-obligation evaluation at your convenience.

A Redding Domestic Violence Attorney Who Is Ready to Advocate for You

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, criminal defense is not merely an area of the law that we offer services in; it is our focus and core characteristic. When criminal charges are related to domestic violence, our knowledgeable attorneys and support staff stand ready to safeguard the rights of our clients. We can employ comprehensive legal strategies to mitigate negative consequences and steer the case toward a positive outcome.

Criminal defense and family law are two complex areas of California’s legal system, and when they overlap in the form of a domestic violence case, these complexities can become exacerbated. This is why it’s imperative that you call for help from a law firm with impeccable skills in both areas. For those accused of domestic violence in Redding, CA, and the surrounding areas, Eric Alan Berg & Associates is the firm for you.

Understanding How California Defines Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in the State of California is defined under section 6211 of the California Family Code. This statute defines domestic violence as abuse against one of the following parties:

  1. The perpetrator’s spouse, ex-spouse, or partner they are currently divorcing or separating from.
  2. Someone who resides in the same household as the perpetrator or someone who has resided with them in the past (such as ex-roommates or partners).
  3. The perpetrator’s significant other/romantic interest or fiancée.
  4. A person with whom the perpetrator has had a child.
  5. A child who is the subject of an action under the Uniform Parentage Act.
  6. Any other blood relative of the perpetrator within the second degree (parents, siblings, half-siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and first cousins).

Note that the use of the term “abuse” doesn’t explicitly limit the definition of domestic violence to physical acts of violence like assault or battery. The courts in California have some authority to subjectively determine whether an act meets the definition of a domestic violence or abuse charge. The team at Eric Alan Berg & Associates can help ensure that your side of the story is heard.

What Are the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in California?

The sentence for a domestic violence conviction in California will vary based on the specific details of your case. Consequences are informed by various parts of California’s Penal Code as well as determinations made by the judge presiding over your case. Many domestic violence charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors, but they frequently escalate to felonies when elements like sexual assault or bodily harm are present.

For misdemeanor domestic violence charges, California requires a minimum of 30 days in jail. However, a judge has the power to decide whether that sentence is extended. If you are convicted of felony domestic violence in California, you can receive a prison sentence ranging from a few years to 10+ years. Both misdemeanor and felony crimes may also come with fines, restitution payments, and education classes.

How a Redding Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

In the face of serious criminal charges like domestic violence, you need more than just a lawyer– you need a dedicated defense team that is qualified, strategic, and highly responsive. Our criminal defense team has a record of success developing custom-tailored strategies to defend clients against a range of criminal charges, including domestic violence in California.

With comprehensive support and legal guidance from Eric Alan Berg & Associates, you’ll have assistance facing challenges that come with complicated and sensitive domestic violence accusations. In addition to offering guidance through your case’s legal proceedings, we can also help with more complex situations that include complex elements like:

  • False accusations
  • Bail reduction
  • Probation violations
  • “Three Strikes” cases
  • Cases involving drugs or alcohol
  • Allegations of harm to children
  • Weapons or gun charges
  • Charges of a sexual nature

Whatever the details of your case may be, the penalties for a domestic violence conviction can transform your life. Fight back against harmful allegations by hiring a qualified domestic violence defense attorney from Eric Alan Berg & Associates.

What Is a Protective Order?

Domestic violence restraining orders, also known as protective orders, are tools used in many California domestic violence cases. If you had a protective order filed against you, it’s important to note that the issuing of the order does not automatically make you guilty. Sometimes, this is a safety measure used to keep two parties away from one another so that legal matters can be worked out in a stable and professional way.

If you are served a restraining order during a California domestic violence case, you are legally required to abide by its terms, regardless of whether you believe it is necessary or fair. Failure to follow a restraining order can make your legal situation worse and even lead to additional criminal charges.

Eric Alan Berg & Associates: Your Trusted Partner for Redding Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence allegations and other criminal charges can represent a serious threat to your reputation, your family life, and even your freedom. When you need a powerful, unwavering criminal defense team that can protect you during sensitive cases, the staff at Eric Alan Berg & Associates is here for you.

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