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Going to court for a family law issue can be hectic, emotional, and overwhelming. When the matter of child custody comes into play, it’s natural for parents and children alike to have powerful feelings about the legal process.

From anxieties about the future to each party’s personal preferences, navigating these emotional landmines to find positive outcomes requires the delicate touch of a Redding child custody lawyer.

Eric Alan Berg & Associates: Redding’s Family Law Team

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, we understand the profound impact child custody cases can have on families in Redding, CA. As a highly reputable and successful child custody team, we are committed to providing legal representation that is both compassionate and highly effective. We can work to ensure that your voice as a parent and your child’s interests are prioritized by the court.

Understanding Child Custody in the State of California

Before entering into any proceedings, it is crucial to prepare yourself. California has a variety of laws dictating how child custody orders must be handled, so it’s essential that you understand your rights and options moving forward. The following are the main forms of child custody in California:

  • Legal Custody – Legal custody dictates which parent has the authority to make major life decisions on behalf of their child. This includes most major choices about the child’s development and lifestyle, such as education, healthcare, and even the child’s religious upbringing.
    • Joint Legal Custody – Custody determinations resulting in joint legal custody involve a court-ordered framework for shared (and ideally highly collaborative) decision-making.
    • Sole Legal Custody – At the other end of the spectrum from collaborative co-parenting, there is sole legal custody. This grants one parent exclusive decision-making rights. Sole legal custody is typically only ordered in cases where one parent has a history of violence, criminality, or debilitating mental health concerns.
  • Physical Custody – Physical custody addresses where the child will live and who will care for them. Like legal custody, physical custody can either be shared or granted to just one parent.
    • Joint Physical Custody – Under this model, the children have a structured schedule where they are able to spend time with both parents. While joint custody does not have to be equal, parents often try to share as much time with their children as possible.
    • Sole Physical Custody – When one parent is awarded sole custody of a child, it usually extends to the concept of physical custody. In these arrangements, the other (noncustodial) parent may only be able to see their child through supervised visits or by satisfying other court-ordered stipulations.

What Is a Visitation Plan?

Visitation schedules are created when one parent is awarded sole physical custody of their child and the other parent still has the legal right to see them. A visitation plan should include considerations for regular visits as well as holidays and special events.

Supervised visitation and other stipulations may be ordered in certain circumstances where the court feels the child’s safety or well-being is at risk.

Factors that May Affect Your Child Custody Agreement in California

Courts in the State of California need to take many different factors into account when determining child custody after a divorce or legal separation. Some of those factors include:

  • The Child’s Best Interests – This is the overarching principle that guides custody proceedings in the State of California. Between the parents, the child, and the judge overseeing the case, you may find four very different perspectives on what is best for the child. Court officials strive to cut through this uncertainty and make choices that promote the child’s well-being above all other considerations.
  • Health and Safety – The court must assess each parent’s ability to provide a safe and stable environment. Consideration is given to factors like living conditions and access to health care services, but also to any history of domestic abuse or issues with controlled substances.
  • The Child’s Age and Health – The age and health of the child can also play a role in determining both custody arrangements and child support payments. For example, infants have very different needs than teenagers. Any special medical needs, such as a child with a disease requiring long-term treatments, must also be considered.
  • Continuity and Stability – The court may determine that it will be less disruptive for the child to stay with one parent versus the other, such as when one parent is remaining in the family home and the other is moving out. Stability for minor children during this challenging transition is of paramount concern to the court.
  • The Child’s Relationship with Each Parent – Everyone’s relationship with each of their parents is unique, and sometimes finances, housing, healthcare, criminal records, and the other more easily quantifiable factors simply don’t tell the whole story. When it comes to older children and teens, the court also has the option to consider the child’s own opinions and desires when making custody determinations.
  • History – Many aspects of your history may potentially be scrutinized when making custody determinations. Your professional background may be used to determine future earning potential, while the court will also be eager to revisit any criminal charges on your record. The history of your relationship with your child– your track record as a parent and caregiver– will also be closely looked at.

The Importance of Working with a Redding Child Custody Attorney

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your role in a child custody proceeding, hiring a skilled family law attorney can be indispensable. Our team’s knowledge of family law allows us to develop effective legal strategies that can be formed around your exact needs, helping us to advocate for the outcome you desire.

Our family lawyer understands just how complex Redding child custody cases can become and is prepared to fight for you and your family in any scenario.

Eric Alan Berg & Associates: Redding, CA’s Trusted Guide for Child Custody Proceedings

If you are involved in a child custody proceeding and need highly effective legal help, please contact the Redding offices of Eric Alan Berg & Associates today. Our firm has experience dealing with a wide range of family law issues, including custody modifications, child support, property division, and more. Together, we’ll help ensure that your child’s interests are truly served.

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