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Facing persistent harassment, threats, or domestic violence matters is incredibly frightening. Luckily, California provides residents with the ability to file restraining orders when their welfare is being threatened by another person.

By filing a restraining order, you are granted legal protection against the person who has been harassing you. A Redding restraining order lawyer can guide you through the steps of requesting a protective order and ensuring it is enforced.

Passionate Assistance for Victims Filing Restraining Orders in Redding

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, our family lawyers are committed to providing confidential and effective legal solutions for Redding residents. We understand that individuals seeking restraining orders are in vulnerable positions, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you get the protection you need. For clients seeking protection from another individual’s targeted abuse and harassment, our team is ready to help you secure a restraining order in Redding.

How Do Restraining Orders Work in California?

Restraining orders, commonly known as protective orders, offer immediate protection by mandating that the restrained person remains a certain distance away at all times. Thanks to powerful interstate cooperation laws, they can also be enforced in other jurisdictions across the United States. This eliminates any loopholes and ensures seamless protection if, for example, an abusive ex-partner finds out you’re taking your children out of state and attempts to stalk you.

In the State of California, the process of applying for a restraining order is quite simple. However, it’s always recommended that you have a qualified restraining order attorney who can aid in the initial filing process. After you have filed for your restraining order, a court official will review its merits. If the order is approved, the involved parties will be notified, and protections will go into place immediately.

The Varying Types of Protection Orders in California

There are various types of protective orders available in California. The type of restraining order that is most effective for you will depend on multiple factors, such as the kind of harassment you’re facing and who the restrained person is. It’s essential that you file for the right kind of order to ensure you do not lose your chance for protection.

The following are common protective orders in Redding:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order – For those facing threats or violence from a spouse, partner, or close family member, a domestic violence restraining order is a powerful legal tool that strictly limits the abuser’s ability to contact their victim without facing serious legal penalties. It may also mandate that the restrained person stays a certain distance away at all times. Otherwise, they may be charged with a crime.
  • Workplace Restraining Order – A special type of restraining order is available for those facing abuse or harassment in the workplace, whether the perpetrator is a supervisor, co-worker, contractor, vendor, or some other party who can use their workplace-based access to you as an avenue to cause harm.
  • Elder Abuse Restraining Order – While people often think about restraining orders in the context of stalking or romantic partnerships gone wrong, they are designed to protect anyone at risk of harm and abuse. This means a restraining order can also help protect senior citizens from harm and dangerous behaviors that put them at risk.
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Order – If you are facing credible threats, physical attacks, or persistent harassment from another individual, and your situation does not fit one of the types of restraining orders outlined above, you can protect yourself with the more general Civil Harassment restraining order.

Finding Effective Legal Counsel to Help with Restraining Orders in California

When it comes time to provide compelling evidence that the order should be upheld or extended, you’ll need assistance from a skilled domestic violence attorney or family lawyer.

Whether you are just now starting to consider a restraining order as an option or you already have a restraining order in place and need help with some issue related to its enforcement, the lawyers and knowledgeable support staff at Eric Alan Berg & Associates can help protect you throughout this tumultuous period in your life.

Our approach to restraining order cases is comprehensive and flexible. Every strategy is designed with the client’s individual needs and goals in mind.

Here’s just some of what our restraining order attorneys can provide:

  • End-to-End Support – Our highly adept legal team provides compassionate, confidential support throughout the entire process of obtaining and enforcing a restraining order. We ensure that our clients understand their rights and obligations under such orders and that they are prepared for any court appearances involved in the process.
  • From Evidence to Strong Case – Having successfully helped clients in these situations many times before, we know that building a strong case for the implementation of a restraining order requires gathering all available evidence of threats, harassment, and violence. This could include copies of text messages, voicemails, videos of violent behaviors, photos of bruises, damaged or destroyed property, and witness testimony.
  • Family Law Perspective with Advanced Criminal Law Skills – In addition to being an excellent resource for Redding residents seeking a restraining order, the firm of Eric Alan Berg & Associates also houses robust family law and criminal defense This allows us to collaborate closely with criminal lawyers and assess when a restraining order is related to criminal charges.
  • Division of Assets and Other Complexities – In cases where an individual seeks a restraining order that leaves one spouse unable to enter their own property, the court may have to clarify property matters, such as deciding which marital assets each party will have access to. This can be similar to the process that occurs during a divorce, although not as thorough or permanent.

Eric Alan Berg & Associates: Swift and Effective Assistance for Restraining Orders

No one should have to deal with the fear and trauma that comes with being harassed. Whether you’re being stalked, threatened, or persistently harassed, our team can help you file a restraining order that provides you with adequate protection.

Please contact Eric Alan Berg & Associates to schedule a evaluation with our adept staff and learn more about how you can protect yourself and your family in Redding, California.

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