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I’ve been represented by Eric Berg and their Associates, and everything turned out fine at the end. I’m very pleased.

Mr. Elms

Hello my name is Kevin Winton and I chose Mr. Eric Alan Berg as my attorney in a case that I had filed against me in Shasta County Court and it took quite a while but it was well worth it. I had all of my charged dismissed and dropped and I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to hire Mr. Berg because of his reputation and his steadfastness as a lawyer and his reputation in Shasta County is the best!

Mr. Kevin Winton

Hi my name is Daniel Newman And I had a situation going on in my life that I had to hire Eric Alan Berg and Associates for what I was going through and it was a great decision that I made. They were very professional and they did what they said they were going to do. They were consistent and when all was said and done everything went the way we hoped it did. I would highly recommend them to anybody that needs any kind of help in the legal system because they know their way around it, they know how to work it and you won’t regret your decision.

Mr Daniel Newman

How this Redding CA attorney saved this man from jail time

It was a terrible shock to be ripped from my classroom, arrested for (false) charges of molestation, suffer 14.5 months of (false)imprisonment, watch the total meltdown of my life, my 23 year career as a teacher, facing multiple felony counts. Faced with Trinity County’s corrupt Asst. DA AND a worthless Redding lawyer who stole $10k from my family, then tried to force me to take a 13-year prison ‘deal’; Trinity County Sheriff’s Office complicity; lies, hysteria and hyperbole from several former students and their dysfunctional parents- these elements seemed to doom my chances. But Eric Berg and his team, including investigator Ed Szendrey, believed in me, worked tirelessly to exonerate me, along with help and faith from friends and family, and finally the last shreds of this empty case were dismissed by the judge on May 6, 2019. As a former Nat’l Park Ranger, EMT, and teacher, I know about saving lives… Eric Berg truly saved my life, and that is NOT hyperbole.



My legal problems started with two felony charges against me. They spiraled into a nightmare of trouble including family court, employment issues and more felony charges brought against my wife. If it was not for Eric Berg’s experience and expertise, the outcome would have been tragic! This man and his staff worked tirelessly to help us navigate through this twisted mess to an outcome that couldn’t have been hoped for. His performance during the jury trial led to a dismissal of my charges by the judge before they could be put in the hands of the jury. Very rare indeed! The day after my trial, all charges were dropped against my wife as well! We would like to thank all the members of the Redding and Chico staff for their hard work and dedication. Specifically: Ryan, Nikko, Candice, Gilda, Kimberly, Denise and Brandy. You poured out blood, sweat and tears for us! You made us feel like family. Thank you! If you want the best possible attorney working in your behalf, Eric Alan Berg and Associates should be your only choice.


During the first days of our son’s legal situation my husband and I were at a loss. Not only were we heartbroken, we were scared for our son’s well-being. So acting fast was already too slow. My husband went to numerous consultations with different lawyers. No one would listen to our side until we heard about Mr. Berg. He came highly recommended. A super lawyer. And that is what he proved to be. He not only let us tell our complete story, he truly listened, took notes, asked us questions; he was very straight forward, and honest with us. Even when I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. He always gave a very respectful answer. I really could go on and on. The simple truth is Mr. Berg and his company saved not only our son’s life, he gave him a second chance at freedom. My son has not only proved himself worthy on owning up to his lack of good judgement that could have totally ruined his life, he has prospered greatly. That in itself is a testimonial to Mr. Berg’s company. Thank you again Mr. Eric Berg for giving our family a second chance.

When I first walked through the doors of Berg & Associates I knew I was in the right place.

There were no fancy couches,fashion magazines, plush carpet, or BMW’s parked outside. Just organic fruit placed in some old bowl, an empty Mount Shasta water jug, and a Weed Eater laying in one of the hall ways. It didn’t matter to anyone who worked there, in fact I felt the people who worked their also found it refreshing.

Everyone there clearly knew what their role was and exactly why they were working for Berg & Associates. Because they knew, as I was about to find out, the values of this “dis” Organization reached far beyond any fluff!!!

People’s lives and freedoms were on the line every second of every day and they knew it. They were making a difference as a group. They were having success by doing the right thing, and the more I came in contact with the various branches of the firm, the more I realized their goals. The goals they clearly lived by, and I mattered to them.

It is not a settling feeling to know the people who are supposed to protect ALL of us, are capable manipulation just for a desired result.

Eric Berg understands this.

No ego, No personal agenda, No fancy couches.

Offices are spread out all over the various buildings. Some upstairs some downstairs. Some converted kitchens. Some still in kitchens, but no one seems to be bothered by this. I have a strong feeling Mr. Berg has never had an actual “Employee Staff Meeting”, he doesn’t have too. The people he has been blessed with know the assignment and the role, and execute with passion and care.

I remember seeing him years ago driving down the road in a broken down car with a rather large dog in the passenger seat with all the windows rolled down, wearing a suit…….probably going to court & I thought to myself “who is that guy?”

……..well, now I know.

He’s a man who does not do, nor started doing what he does, for the financial gain that comes from being someone who interprets the Rights of Human Beings.

One encounter with he or his staff, when you feel like all is going to be lost , and you will understand.

Oh, and one other note. As a thank you from Eric we received a box of chocolates with a hand-written note from Eric, thanking us for making the choice to have his firm represent us. The note was written in pencil, no less.

“As shrewd as Snakes , yet gentle as Doves.”

The Story of the Hill Family

My experience with Eric Alan Berg and Associates was great! They were able to take care of my commercial drivers court case.


More than satisfied by the sharp speed that they work. they are very upfront and honest about what can happen and will give you a realistic opinion to your out come unlike other firms of lawyers fermilly praying on saying they can win then you pay them and they say take the deal becase they have your money all ready. I would tell any one that has a doubt of winning to call Eric berks office.

A lot of the credit I must say go’s to Ryan if you are lucky anuff to have him as your counsel.
From levi guvench


Eric Berg, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, you guys have an amazing team. He dismissed all my charges from my case. I would highly recommend him.


My experience with Eric Alan Berg and Associates was excellent. They are professional and curtious. My phone calls were returned and I was always informed about the status of my case.


Eric Berg and associates are very professional and top notch lawyers they are not afraid to fight for your rights and have done nothing but help me and my company win I am appalled at some of the reviews I see as i know they work harder than most of you dream to achieve victory and yes time is money so if u want to loss cheapen out!

Also thanks to Ryan he deserves a lot of credit as well couldn’t do it without you thanks
From Chronic Care Delivery.


I received the legal counsel I needed. My case was difficult to settle due to many outside factors, opposing counsel was a big part of that difficulty. Mr. Berg and staff (Sam Doel) kept me calm though the divorce process. I would highly recommend them for any Divorce/or Criminal matters


Eric Alan Berg & Associates represented me regarding a CDL excessive speeding and improper lane ticket. They got the ticket and all charges dismissed need I say more! This law firm comes highly recommended, Big Thanks Mr. Berg and his associate Sam Deol.


Truly blessed to have Eric Berg represent me and do what other attorneys said was impossible. He was able to get my child support obligation and spousal support order completely terminated because after 5 years i found out that i was not the biological father. This saved me over $350k in child and spousal support that I otherwise would have to pay. My first attorney from Sacramento said it was impossible but Eric Berg and his associates including his office manager Sam Deol who referred me to Eric Berg prove otherwise.


Hands down the best experience I’ve had with a law firm.
Was originally told by other attorneys that they couldn’t help us cause we didn’t live in CA. When I called this law firm they told us they could help us even though we don’t live in CA.
As soon as this firm got all required documents they went to work. The paralegal Debbie, that handled our case, was beyond amazing. She was very professional, along with the rest of the staff,, answered all my questions, answered calls and emails, calmed us down when needed etc. She always kept us in the loop of things.
This firm did what they said was possible, getting my husband’s record expunged, and they did it in a very timely manner.
If I ever have another legal problem I definitely will return to this firm.
All I can say is if you have a legal problem this is the firm to start with.
Thank you all for your help is this matter. You all are amazing.


Can’t speak highly enough about Berg and Associates. They were able to get my case dismissed timely and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Their team is professional and would highly recommend.


Retained Mr Berg for a speeding citation on I-5 in a commercial motor vehicle. Mr Berg’s staff communicated with me through the entire process even to the point of getting the case dismissed. I would definitely recommend Mr Berg, especially for fellow commercial truck drivers who understand their CDL is one of their most valuable assets.


I called their office to seek some legal advice and direction for a personal matter, and was met with a staff named Cristen. She was really informative and knowledgeable. I appreciated her help!


Berg and associates have helped me in a tough time with my custody battle. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to hire for my legal issues. They have been reliable, compassionate and always available. I would recommend them 100%


I contacted Berg and Associates regarding a family matter, and I had the privilege of conversing with Cristen, who displayed exceptional kindness and expertise. I am grateful for their dedication and patience in addressing my inquiries. I highly recommend seeking their assistance for any legal concerns, as they will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.


I’d like to share my thanks and gratitude towards Eric Berg and his entire staff. Hiring an attorney is no simple thing. It’s something that no one wants to do, it is stressful during a stressful situation, but sometimes life forces oneself to do so. That was my case when I was accused of horrific things that I did not do. I knew Eric Berg’s reputation from another case that he was hired by a person in a similar predicament as me, so I knew he was my best and only choice.
I had never met Eric before, but I can honestly say he did not let me down. He accomplished what I had hoped he would and I am truly grateful. His staff was professional and caring beyond my expectations.
It is never easy being accused of vial acts when its just the other person just not wanting to leave. People do such evil to one another. I’m so fortunate to have had Eric Berg represent me when I needed someone most. I shudder to think if I did not have him where I might be now.
Thank You so much Eric
Mark Norman

1st knight

My experience with Berg and Associates was amazing. Everyone in the office was super easy to work with and very friendly. I always had my calls answered, and never felt like they didn’t have time for me. Throughout the time I worked with them it became apparent that they really cared about my case and wanted the best outcome for me. I am overjoyed with the results and I wouldn’t of done it any other way.


I highly recommend Berg & Associates. They made the entire adoption process easy.


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