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Few areas of the law demand more personal attention than cases involving sex crimes. These cases require swift and strategic intervention from a qualified legal professional to ensure the rights of the accused are protected.

Working with a Redding sex crimes lawyer can help you challenge inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and help your proceedings reach a fair outcome.

Choose Eric Alan Berg & Associates for Strategic Sex Crimes Defense

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, our seasoned team of attorneys and support staff is committed to providing compassionate, confidential, and highly effective legal representation to individuals facing sex crime allegations in Redding. If you find yourself entangled in such a matter, don’t panic and find a criminal defense attorney who can help you work through it. We can guide you through your case from beginning to end while advocating for your rights the entire way.

California Sex Crimes in Legal Context: Knowing Where You Stand

Understanding the complex legalities surrounding various sex crimes charges is crucial for those facing these weighty allegations. The State of California takes sex crimes very seriously and has a robust legal framework in place to prosecute and punish those found guilty of them. There is a wide range of charges defined within this framework, all of which come with varying consequences if you’re convicted.

Sexual offenses outlined in California legislation include:

  • Sexual Battery (California Penal Code 243.4) – Sexual battery is defined as the unwanted touching of another person’s body for one’s sexual gratification. In California, sexual battery is known as a “wobbler,” meaning it can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the egregiousness of the violation. A sexual battery charge can become a felony if victims were restrained, incapacitated, or victims of sexual abuse.
  • Rape (California Penal Code 261) – California law allows for the serious charge of rape to be defined in a variety of ways. This includes any sexual intercourse taking place in any of the following scenarios:
    • The victim was mentally or physically incapable of giving consent.
    • The act was done against the victim’s will or without consent by using force, violence, or threatening harm or injury.
    • The victim was unable to resist the perpetrator’s advances due to being drugged, intoxicated, or incapacitated.
    • The victim was not cognizant of the act, either due to being asleep/unconscious, or due to the perpetrator misrepresenting the nature of the act, or fraudulently claiming that the act had some professional purpose (e.g., a medical professional using their position to take advantage of a vulnerable patient).
    • The act occurs against the victim’s will because the perpetrator threatens some form of retaliation and can be reasonably expected to carry out such threats.
  • Statutory Rape (California Penal Code 261.5) – This specific type of charge is reserved for situations where an adult perpetrator has sexual relations with a person under the age of 18. This includes so-called “consensual” acts, as a minor does not have any legal ability to consent to sex with an adult.
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (California Penal Code 290) – When a person is convicted of one of the crimes on this list, they are thereafter obligated to fulfill certain registration requirements. A sex offender who does not properly register themselves with the local authorities can find themselves subject to new criminal actions, even years after their original trial.
  • Sexual Exploitation of a Child (California Penal Code 311) – Many elements of California’s sex crime codes are designed to protect children. Section 311 of the state penal code bans child pornography in all its physical and digital forms, including films, photocopies, tapes, discs, and computer equipment.
  • Indecent Exposure (California Penal Code 314) – California law states that you must adequately cover yourself when going about your business in a public area. Charges for indecent exposure can range from an unfortunate, alcohol-fueled incident to a much more serious crime where a perpetrator willfully exposes their genitals in a public area frequented by children.

California Sex Crime Defense Strategies

While being accused of a sex crime can hold an immense weight, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. Our skilled defense team can employ a variety of strategies to advocate for your side of the story, such as:

  • Evidence Analysis – Your criminal defense attorney will scrutinize every bit of evidence presented by the prosecution to identify and attack any inconsistencies or weaknesses, whether that means challenging the credibility of witnesses or shining a light on possible errors in the collection of forensic evidence.
  • Consent-Based Defense – With many sex crimes cases hinging on the concept of consent between parties, a strong defense can involve establishing to the court’s satisfaction that any sexual activity in question was consensual and that all parties willingly participated.
  • False Accusations – For those falsely accused of sex crimes by vindictive ex-partners, an attorney can help build a defense around the premise that the accusations are baseless and the case, therefore, not worth proceeding with. We can use evidence–and the lack of evidence–to establish that the accusations are the result of a personal vendetta, unwell behavior on the part of another party, or even a simple misunderstanding.
  • Rights Violations – Defenses based on procedural details can also be successful. Your attorney can closely examine every phase of the case to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated during the arrest, investigation, or trial and that all of the prosecution’s evidence was obtained legally.
  • Alibi-Based Defense – If you have an alibi to disprove the accusations being made against you, your lawyer can help you gather sufficient evidence and testimony to present your alibi to the court in a compelling way.

Eric Alan Berg & Associates: Your Redding, CA Sex Crimes Defense Team

Navigating accusations of sexual offenses and making it through to the other side with your freedom and reputation intact can be a major challenge. Your Redding sex crimes lawyer at Eric Alan Berg & Associates can carefully assess your case and tailor a world-class defense strategy to suit your unique circumstances. Contact us today for a completely confidential evaluation.

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