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If you have been charged with a DUI in Redding, you need a skilled, experienced, DUI attorney on your side. In addition to legal expertise and advice, we help our clients navigate the confusing and stressful legal process. We will work diligently to ensure that one mistake doesn’t turn into a life sentence.

redding dui lawyer

What To Look For In A DUI Attorney

You don’t just need a lawyer, you need a skilled DUI attorney with experience and expertise defending you. Your DUI attorney should have a strong, successful track record in the courtroom. At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, our attorneys are adept, experienced, and highly successful in defending our clients.

Why You Need A DUI Lawyer

A DUI conviction can cost over $10,000 in fees, fines, and related costs within a 10-year period. Required classes, driver’s license reinstatement, vehicle towing and impound, and an increase in car insurance premiums can add thousands more to the initial penalties and fees. Our experienced attorneys provide expert legal advice and representation that can result in reducing or eliminating penalties. Don’t take chances—put our Redding DUI attorneys to work for you.

Our DUI Attorneys

Our attorneys bring our intricate knowledge of our local court systems and state laws to every case we represent. Our support staff handles scheduling, appointments, phone calls, and paperwork so that your attorney can focus on the merits of your case, while never missing an important message from you. At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, you are not just a case number. You’ll get personalized, focused, hands-on, communication and advice at every stage of your case.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Redding, California, it’s important to understand why you need a Redding DUI attorney. Not only will they provide legal expertise and advice, but they can also help you navigate the confusing and stressful legal process.

What To Look For In A DUI Attorney

  • Extensive experience in DUI law
  • Strong track record of success in court
  • Positive customer reviews

The Benefits Of Hiring A DUI Lawyer

  • Access to expert legal advice and representation
  • Help in reducing or eliminating penalties
  • Peace of mind knowing your case is being handled by a qualified professional

What To Expect From A Redding DUI Attorney

  • Knowledge of the local court system and laws
  • Access to resources to build the best defense possible
  • Personalized attention and communication throughout the process


  • A clear understanding of the legal process and how it applies to your case
  • Compassionate, ethical legal representation
  • A strong advocate to protect your rights and interests

Rest assured that Eric Alan Berg and Associates will provide your best DUI defense with his 30 plus years of experience in criminal law for driving under the influence arrests. Contact us to schedule your free initial evaluation and allow us to demonstrate what a compassionate, ethical defense backed by more than 36 years of experience can mean for you.

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