DUI Defenses

Our Redding and Chico DUI defense attorney fees are reasonable and affordable; a flat fee program is available for most cases.

Driving under the influence laws are rigorously enforced. The process of being stopped and investigated for a DUI can be frightening and the hours and days following an arrest can be frightening causing you to ask – Will I be prosecuted? Was I actually over the limit? What will happen to my license? How will I get to work?  Is there a way I can keep my license?

The attorneys at Eric Alan Berg & Associates help clients to work through the maze of laws and penalties following a DUI arrest to protect their interests and rights. One of the most pressing concerns of someone who has been arrested for a DUI is whether they still have a license and how to make sure they get it back or keep it. The DMV is a large bureaucracy that can be difficult to navigate without someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the laws and regulations of license suspension.

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, our Redding and Chico DUI defense attorneys are well versed in the practices of the DMV when it comes to DUIs, as well as the issues most relevant to DUI defense, such as: whether a stop was lawful or not, whether the officer had sufficient justification to begin a DUI investigation, whether the investigation was carried out following the best practices, whether chemical tests were lawfully performed, and whether the prosecution can prove a person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Flat-Fee Program

Speaking with an attorney can relieve your mind and give you information about the road ahead. In some cases, hiring an attorney to handle your DUI can ultimately lower your costs, and in all cases it can assure you that your rights and interests are being protected. Because uncertainty can be the most daunting part of being prosecuted, we offer a Flat-Fee Program for those who qualify.

Our Flat-Fee program comes with all the benefits of one of the oldest and largest firms in the area.  Call to discuss an appointment. Clients receive consultation and communication with an attorney, investigation of their case by our in-house investigator, aggressive pursuit of information the government has that might prove your innocence, pretrial court appearances, a hearing with the DMV to preserve their license, research and draft of pretrial motions and briefs, pretrial motions (to suppress evidence due to an unlawful stop, to discover evidence, to dismiss due to dilatory prosecution, or failure to provide evidence or failure to provide documentation of procedures etc.), and negotiations with the prosecution for the optimal disposition.

Call Eric Alan Berg & Associates to arrange a fact finding free discussion with a Redding or Chico DUI defense attorney today!

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