Education and Special Education Law

Too often, Redding and Chico schools fail to provide our children with the kind of educational services they need in order to be successful. Even though many state and federal IEP laws exist in order to ensure that our children receive a free, appropriate, public education, many schools are in violation of these laws. Unfortunately, a school’s failure to comply with the law often results in our children having a variety of learning, behavioral and social problems, which may affect them for the rest of their lives. Because many schools do not respond to parents’ complaints and advocacy on behalf of their children, the services of a Chico Education Lawyer may be necessary in order for your child to get the kind of education he or she’s are entitled to by law. At Eric Alan Berg and Associates, we know both Education and Special Education Law. Our Redding special ed lawyers are compassionate and effective advocates for children with behavioral problems, mental health issues, as well as learning, developmental and physical disabilities. Our legal services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Suspension and Expulsion Hearings
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Behavior Intervention and Behavior Support Plans
  • Referrals/Assessments for Special Education
  • IEP meetings, advocacy and litigation in Redding and Chico
  • Placement in free non-public schools
  • Referrals/Assessments for mental health services
  • Residential education/mental health placements

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