Investigative Services

Do you suspect that your significant other is being unfaithful? Maybe you need proof that an employee is pocketing more than his/her share of the profits? Do you want to make sure your child is in safe hands when leaving him/her in the care of another individual?

At Eric Alan Berg & Associates, we have a competent staff with over 20 years of law enforcement experience to perform a variety of investigative services that best fit your needs. We conduct meticulous research in a highly professional manner in order to accurately acquire the knowledge you desire. We have the ability to thoroughly investigate areas such as:

Professional Investigations

  • Personal
  • Surveillance
  • Theft
  • Criminal
  • Cheating
  • Abuse

Background Check Programs for

  • Businesses
  • Volunteers
  • Child and Elder Care
  • Dating
  • Pre Marriage

Litigation Support

  • Checking Clients-Litigants
  • Checking Witnesses
  • Business Discovery Services

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