Juvenile Defense Law

Defending children who are charged with committing crimes, whether in Chico or Redding Juvenile or Adult court, is a very important and specialized area of law. Many Criminal Defense Lawyers lack the expertise necessary to effectively represent children, and handle these cases the same way they would handle an adult Criminal case. Juvenile Defense law is not the same as Criminal Defense law. Mr. Berg has 26 years of experience representing children, and understand the variety of social, developmental and psychological issues that come into play in Juvenile Defense Law. We provide legal representation to children in both Juvenile and Adult Court in Redding and Chico. Our Juvenile Defense legal services include, but are not limited to:

  • Representing children in all stages of Juvenile and Adult Court proceedings
  • Suspension/Expulsion hearings for school-based offenses
  • “Fitness” Cases (hearings to decide if case should be in Juvenile or Adult court)
  • “Direct-file” Cases (cases involving children that are filed directly in Adult Court)
  • Advocacy/litigation to transfer case from Adult to Juvenile Delinquency Court
  • Competency to Stand Trial Litigation (does your child understand the nature of the court proceedings, and is he/she able to assist counsel in his/her defense?)
  • Trial representation in Redding and Chico

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