Accused of a crime in California? It hurts, especially between loved ones

I’d like to share my thanks and gratitude towards Eric Berg and his entire staff. Hiring an attorney is no simple thing. It’s something that no one wants to do, it is stressful during a stressful situation, but sometimes life forces oneself to do so. That was my case when I was accused of horrific things that I did not do. I knew Eric Berg’s reputation from another case that he was hired by a person in a similar predicament as me, so I knew he was my best and only choice.

I had never met Eric before, but I can honestly say he did not let me down. He accomplished what I had hoped he would and I am truly grateful. His staff was professional and caring beyond my expectations.

It is never easy being accused of vial acts when its just the other person just not wanting to leave. People do such evil to one another. I’m so fortunate to have had Eric Berg represent me when I needed someone most. I shudder to think if I did not have him where I might be now.

Thank You so much Eric
Mark Norman



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