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The California Marijuana Patients Alliance is a web based advocatory organization chartered to develop a resource portal of information for those being abused by the system, police, prosecutors and communities who do not follow the law regarding marijuana patients rights. We will immediately help those who are put in serious emotional and physical jeopardy.

In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act (CUA), allowing medical Marijuana patients and their caregivers the right to cultivate and possess cannabis for medical use.

Unfortunately, interpreting Health & Safety provisions that set the CUA into law has proven to be both extremely complicated and constantly changing.

Issues such as identifying patients and their caregivers, cultivating medical marijuana, and returning property seized by law enforcement officials are continually being challenged and refined by case law as they work their way through our legal system.

To further complicate matters, the federal government still doesn’t recognize the difference between medical and recreational use of marijuana, and, even within the state, regulations can vary widely between cities, counties, and multi-jurisdictional agencies.

Where does that leave the thousands of law-abiding Californians who need medical Marijuana?

Threatened, stressed and abused, many in extreme pain, shortening their life.

Thousands of patients need help, medical professionals need direction, cultivators need guidelines, our attorneys need input from the victims who suffer, those who are scandalized by the unclear legal system, prosecutors and police.

If you need support and resources to call on when their medical marijuana needs are challenged. Join the California Marijuana Patients Alliance

Membership will allow for patients, cultivators medical and legal professionals and others to document the scope of their needs in support of the growing population of abused patients.

Through membership registration, we gather facts from the courts around the state. We gather from legal professionals who have current information on rulings, motions, jury instructions, transcripts and expert witness testimony. We offer our members a dynamic portal of resources for them to use this research and data to help themselves. These new case laws and judgments from the courts are vital for defense and needed by patients and their attorneys.

It is our belief that the CMPA will continue to grow rapidly and become a network of advocates who will rally when needed and provide a “security and society in numbers” reaction to any challenge of any members rights.

The CMPA is the modle organization for a national effort to put people’s medical marijuana’s requirement beyond challenge and work for years to help reduce suffering.

Through the CMPA, we will offer registration to document police abuse, to document trends of harsh treatment in our communities and put these facts to the good people who vote for our public authorities and protectors.

The CMPA has been created, and managed by Berg & Associates a leading patients rights legal defense firm.

In unity we will fight for our rights.

We have the creative, technical and marketing resources. We solicit your financial support to become a founding sponsor of the expansion.

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